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I haven’t made any progress on the quilt front yet, other than moving the ironing board/iron into the crafty room. (I need to start fusing the interfacing to the squares I’ve already cut from the t-shirts.)

The lack of progress is due to several things, but mainly:

  1. I found the disc for Heroes of Might and Magic III on Sunday and promptly reinstalled it. I have effectively wasted more than eight hours vanquishing evil since Sunday night.
  2. I ordered a CueCat barcode scanner from LibraryThing.

Being a librarian, I’m probably a bit late to jump on the LibraryThing bandwagon, but I’ve enjoyed going through all of our books over the last three days, scanning the ones that will scan and manually inputting the ISBNs for the books that either predate barcodes or don’t appear in any major database known to man (fie on thee Games Workshop and your Warhammer 40K books!). I’ve found a lot of books I still need to read, a lot of books I forgot I owned, and a lot of books I didn’t know Rob owned before we combined our collections.

Plus, LibraryThing tells me nifty stats like “Dead or Alive?”

How many of your authors are dead?
Dead: 59 / Alive: 150 / Unknown: 118 / Not a Person: 16
Percent alive: 71.77%

So cool.

Scanning setup

Valdez likes the barcode scanner as well.

the hibernating t-shirt quilt


I own a decent Singer Brother sewing machine (had to edit because I was entirely wrong!). I bought one in early 2009 as a birthday present to myself, even though I hadn’t used one since home ec. class in the sixth grade. I had optimistic plans of making a t-shirt quilt out of the many sentimentally valuable shirts Rob and I have collected through the years. Susan, my grad school roommate, had a t-shirt quilt made by her grandmother, and it was awesome. I wanted one of my own!

I read several different versions of how to make a t-shirt quilt online, bought the sewing machine, thread, straight pins, interfacing, and fabric shears. I chose the t-shirts I was going to use.

I even starting cutting the t-shirts into squares and I tentatively fused one square to interfacing.

Valdez is on the tub which contains the neglected beginnings of the quilt.

And then I realized that this project was going to take me a loooong time—time I thought I would rather spend knitting, reading, or playing video games. I also freaked out because, as I said, I hadn’t used a sewing machine in over ten years. I didn’t want to mess it up or possibly lose the sentimental t-shirts

So the t-shirt squares and the interfacing have been sitting in a plastic storage tub for over a year now, and my sewing machine continues to sit unused in our crafty room.

I want to finish the quilt. That’s why I’m posting this with the hopes that I can light a fire beneath my ass. I have too many unfinished projects (especially knitting!) sitting around. So, even though I didn’t set any official New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of 2010, I now declare my resolution to make progress on the t-shirt quilt this year (I could say “finish” the quilt this year but I would just be setting myself up for more FAIL), and to finish at least three of my knitting projects that have been hibernating as well.  I think I have five or six in progress.

Hopefully I will be able to post some in-progress pictures in the near future.

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