I own a decent Singer Brother sewing machine (had to edit because I was entirely wrong!). I bought one in early 2009 as a birthday present to myself, even though I hadn’t used one since home ec. class in the sixth grade. I had optimistic plans of making a t-shirt quilt out of the many sentimentally valuable shirts Rob and I have collected through the years. Susan, my grad school roommate, had a t-shirt quilt made by her grandmother, and it was awesome. I wanted one of my own!

I read several different versions of how to make a t-shirt quilt online, bought the sewing machine, thread, straight pins, interfacing, and fabric shears. I chose the t-shirts I was going to use.

I even starting cutting the t-shirts into squares and I tentatively fused one square to interfacing.

Valdez is on the tub which contains the neglected beginnings of the quilt.

And then I realized that this project was going to take me a loooong time—time I thought I would rather spend knitting, reading, or playing video games. I also freaked out because, as I said, I hadn’t used a sewing machine in over ten years. I didn’t want to mess it up or possibly lose the sentimental t-shirts for.ev.er.

So the t-shirt squares and the interfacing have been sitting in a plastic storage tub for over a year now, and my sewing machine continues to sit unused in our crafty room.

I want to finish the quilt. That’s why I’m posting this with the hopes that I can light a fire beneath my ass. I have too many unfinished projects (especially knitting!) sitting around. So, even though I didn’t set any official New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of 2010, I now declare my resolution to make progress on the t-shirt quilt this year (I could say “finish” the quilt this year but I would just be setting myself up for more FAIL), and to finish at least three of my knitting projects that have been hibernating as well.  I think I have five or six in progress.

Hopefully I will be able to post some in-progress pictures in the near future.