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[Old Spicy voice] These are words; words that have been typed using a computer keyboard. I have not added words to this blog in two months, but that does not matter. This blog is ultimately for me, myself, and I. I am sharing bits of my life with readers, yes, but if I don’t feel like writing or have the time for writing, then all of you, dear readers, will just have to be happy with what you get when you get it. I mean that in the most loving way possible, man. [/voice]

I often say I have too many hobbies. Various hobbies are usually what keep me from blogging (so I guess that makes blogging a lower priority hobby). Since my last post my free time has been consumed by knitting, reading, or gaming in various forms with Rob and our friends. I also attempt to exercise on a regular basis. (Okay, I struggle to exercise on a regular basis but I consider it a triumph just to get in one serious workout per week.) Blogging has also been trumped by company—we’ve had company at the house two of the last three weekends. The weekend that we didn’t have company was consumed by four glorious days of gaming and geekery at Gen Con. So I’m not on the computer often at home and I don’t see this as failing at blogging.

Speaking of Gen Con…I met Wil Wheaton! I have been a fan of Wil since I was in the single digits. He was one of my earliest celebrity crushes (maybe the first? I can’t recall any others). My sister and I still occasionally break out into a little tune referencing Wil’s character on Star Trek: The Next Generation that she and I composed when we were still playing with stuffed animals. It’s not a tune that should ever be shared with anyone else as its squeaky cuteness will induce gagging or bleeding from the ears, but it’s our silly ditty and a treasure of our sisterhood.

I’ve been a reader of Wil’s blog since 2002 (maybe 2003?). I think he’s good people. It was well worth the nearly three and a half hours I spent waiting in the autograph line to meet him. The wait was only as long as it was because Wil was actually listening to and chatting with people. He didn’t just take their money, scribble a quick autograph, and push them along to get to the next person. I was able to chat for a few minutes—to tell him how long I’ve been reading his blog (since the Soapbox days!), tell him how much Rob and I enjoyed his talk earlier that day, how I’m a public librarian and several months ago I had made sure that my library owned a book he talked about (Family Games: The 100 Best), how I organize National Gaming Day each year at my library, and so on. I also gave him a variety of dice from our collection (he had asked his blog readers to give him a die if we saw him at Gen Con–he ended up with about ten pounds of dice). I think I was able to walk away from the encounter without coming across as a super obsessed crazy fangirl. It felt like Wil had rolled a natural 20 on his Perform check to Inspire Greatness. It’s too bad we didn’t get to play Munchkin or D&D with him. Maybe next year…

A few choice fugly dice from our collection given to Wil



Because I’m a librarian and a geek, I’m trying to do things the “right” way this time around with this blog. Technorati requires that I post this fab code in order to verify that I am indeed the author of this blog. Believe me, I have no delusions about ever appearing in the Technorati top 100 or even the top 1000. But this amuses me. So, here ya go:


work in progress


So here I am. It’s been exactly (or ‘ezzactly,’ perhaps?) 991 days since I last penned a blog post back on LiveJournal. Enjoy a brief excerpt from the final entry:

Please take a deep breath, try not to pass out. Yes, I am posting.

I know, you all probably thought I had left for good. Not true. I try to read my flist at least once a week, but I admit that’s it’s not even that often. I really do miss being around LJ and I feel bad for not keeping up. I never would have guessed that having a full-time job and a husband would eat up all of my LJ time. What can I say?

I am posting because something pretty big is about to happen for us…

No, I am not pregnant. I knew someone would think that.

We are buying our first house! We are closing this Monday and will have possession the same day. I’m so excited I can’t even tell you.

After five years and 1,332 journal entries, my days on LiveJournal came to an end. I do think that having a house and a full-time job, paired with the fact that I use a computer about 90% of the time at work, contributed to curing me of my internet addictions. I used to be online A LOT during college and grad school (what else was there for a geek girl like me?). The intarwebs connected Rob and I before we were married and living together. We both played Dungeons & Dragons Online religiously–until we moved into our first house and I grew bored with running the same quests over, and over, and over again. I spent less and less time online, more time enjoying television, reading, and other hobbies. I still sometimes go an entire weekend without checking my e-mail!

However, I have recently felt the need to write and share some things about gaming, knitting, work, and life in general in greater detail than Facebook and Twitter allow for. I’ve been learning new crafty things aside from knitting, like dyeing my own yarn and trying my hand at cross stitch. We took a trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics and I feel like our memories of the trip won’t be properly preserved because I haven’t blogged about the trip.

So, as I said, here I am.  I know I won’t be posting with the same frequency as my LJ days.  I will be pleased if I can manage one post per week!  And I will be pleased to have even just a handful of readers.  Here goes nothing!

And I’m still not pregnant, btw.

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